Create Campaign

Follow these steps for creating a new campaign on

Step 1: Click on Create Campaign from the Dashboard to open create campaign window.

Step 2: Fill in all required information and select the proper traffic source for which you are making the campaign.

Choose others as traffic source option if your desired traffic source is not in the list.


Step 3: Keep your campaign always on Block All mode.

Step 4: Money Page: Set the money page where you want to send your legit visitors.

Step 5: Safe Page: Set a safe page where we send human reviewers, bots, crawlers, and spy tools.

Conditions, filters, and Automate

Conditions: Any visitor that does not match your condition is filtered out and sent to the safe page.

We recommend using at least one condition.

Filters: These are the built-in filters – leave them on default (in the Enabled section) for complete protection. You can always extend them with your own data by creating custom filters, although it is not required.

Automate: Automate your campaign more information about automation is here.

Once all the above steps are done click on save and submit and follow the integration article from here.