1. Money Page – The page that makes money, real visitors will be directed here. You’ll optimize this page for conversion rate. You want to hide this page from the traffic source and spy tools. Affiliate URLtracking URL, etc.
  2. Safe Page – The page that unwanted visitors will be seeing, a compliant page that follows all ad network policies, reviewers go here. You’ll optimize this page for keyword relevance and quality score. You want to show this page to the traffic source. This will be the Display URL in most ad networks, Final URL in AdWords.
  3. Cloaked URL/ Test URL/ Destination URL – This is the URL of the page where the cloaked code is uploaded. This will be the Destination URL in most ad networks, Tracking Template URL in AdWords.

For JavaScript Paste, PHP paste and WordPress, your safe page URL (Display URL) and Cloaked URL (Destination URL) will be the SAME as the code is pasted on the safe page. All unsafe visitors will see only this page.