Integration Methods

We always recommend to use valid SSL on cloaked URL’s


PHP Paste: This is the safest and most reliable method. We encourage our users to use it whenever possible. The unsafe visitor stays on the safe page where you paste this code. For a safe visitor, you can either use a redirect (URL). If you have a landing page (safe page) that is already approved in the ad network, you can use this method.

Javascript CDN: Integrating javascript into the safe page is the simplest way. It also keeps unsafe visitors on the safe page and actual users on the money page.

In this method, some time delay occurs depending on your hosting setup.

PHP Upload: Php upload works when you do not own a safe page it works like a redirect. Whenever you are using third-party trackers you can use this method.

WordPress Plugin: You can download our precisely designed plugin for WordPress from the integration window. From the WordPress plugin, you can cloak any of your posts or page.

Sometimes cache plugin cause redirection error. We recommend to dissable any cache plugin if you are using wordpress integration.