Javascript CDN Method

This code is suitable for HTML pages (the ones you deploy on CDNs or web servers) and it can be used only if you own the safe page.

It’s quite similar to the way Google Analytics is implemented.

Steps for Javascript Integration

STEP 1: Create your campaign from the dashboard.

Click here to read the complete article about how to create a campaign.

Get the code from the Integration screen

STEP 2: There are 4 methods of integration. Choose the first option Javascript CDN method.

This JavaScript snippet is added to your safe page. If a visitor is considered safe, a JS redirection to your money page occurs. If not, the visitor remains on your safe page.

Test your integration

STEP 3: Paste your URL as mentioned in the image and click on test.

When you see Integration successful it means your cloaking is set up properly. It is ready to use now.

Submit your campaign for approval in BLOCK ALL state! Once approved, switch the campaign to Active. Reviewers will always see the safe page and real visitors will always see the money page.