Setup Guide

Domain and DNS

You can use any registrar for domain registration, for example, Godaddy, Namecheap, or any other domain provider. It is recommended to use high DA(Domain Authority) TLDs (Top Level Domain) like (.com, .org, etc).

We always recommend to use cloudflare DNS to be set in your nameservers for better reputation and protection.


We highly recommend using Cloudflare for managing DNS.

Sign up for Cloudflare (free plan, recommended) and keep it ready for the next step! This connects your domain name to your server’s IP.

Traditional Hosting

We do not recommend using traditional hosting services like NameCheap, GoDaddy, etc.., as they often stop cURL (without notifying you) when your traffic volume increases. cURL is used for making requests to our API and if cURL stops working – no request will be made to our API,  and you’ll not see any traffic in your click log.

While you might still be able to use your existing hosting, we do not recommend it! Traditional hosting is good only for simple websites, not for media buying or advertising campaigns.

Note: requires PHP 5.4 or higher


We recommend using dedicated IP’s with good quality scores can be used to host your website on any VPS like, digital ocean, lenode, Vultr, etc.

Always use IPv6 setup on your droplets for better and accurate results.


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